What To Do For A Sore Throat That Last For A Week

What To Do For A Sore Throat That Last For A Week


Sore throat for a week


Sore throats are very common among us. It generally indicates the pain of the back throat. We feel this pain whenever we try to eat or swallow something. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t got affected with sore throat. Sore throats are of different kinds according to the cause they originate from. Some throats are not severe and they go on their own. On the other hand, some are extremely dangerous and last for a week or longer. Naturally, virus and bacteria cause such sore throats. This article will help you to know what to do for a sore throat that last for a week.A sore throat is pain of the throat. If anybody suffers from sore throat, he will feel his throat rough, tender and painful. It may be caused by viruses or bacteria. Fortunately most sore throats are not usually serious and attacked person may recover within a few days. Mainly children and adolescents suffer from it often. Sore throat is caused by Flu, cold, Glandular fever etc. when we suffer from sore throat, we become busy to go to the doctor. But instead of going to the doctor, you can use some home remedies too. This article will help you to know what to do for a sore throat. Here are the procedures:

  1. Viral sore throats:

Sore throats that are caused by viruses are known as viral sore throats. Pharyngitis, Rhinovirus, Corona virus, Respiratory syncytial virus, what to do for sore throatinfluenza virus etc. cause sore throat.  Viral sore throats generally last a week. But smoking, drinking alcohol may increase the risk.there are certain sore throat remedies which can be used to cure sore and strep throat.Viral sore throats don’t have any cure or treatment. But you can heal it by taking some home remedies.

  • Nothing is better than gargling with hot salt water. Blend some salt in a hot mug of water and gargle with it several times each day. The taste maybe not good. If you like, you can add some honey in it. Remember, do not swallow it. Just gargle with it.
  • Have some lozenges which will help you to battle sore throat as it increases the salvia production of your mouth and keep your mouth wet.
  • You can make a baking soda mixture and gargle with it. Make the mixture with baking soda and water and gargle with it.
  • Drink profusion of water. Generally 9-10 times each day.
  • Have some hot soups and drinks.
  • Sore throats generally occur from dryness. So, you can use a humidifier and increase the humidity of your room which will give your throat moisture.
  1. Bacterial sore throat:

sore throat for a weekSore throats that originate from bacteria are known as bacterial sore throat. They are commonly named strep throat. Streptococcus bacteria are the reason behind it. They cause bacterial sore throat. Bacterial sore throats usually last for a week.If it takes longer, consult with a doctor. Strep throats need medical cure.weYou can take some antibiotics prescribed by the authorized doctor. Otherwise, you can use these home remedies to give some relief to your pain.some of the common methods for how to cure a sore throat are described below.

  • Have hot tea two or three times a day. Especially ginger tea, green tea, limes tea etc.
  • Hot soups like chicken soup will be much helpful.
  • You can have fruit juice that includes a lot of vitamin C.
  • Drink all hot fluids. Cold fluids will make yourself worse.
  • You can use honey in all fluids for a better effective result.
  • You can use garlic too. It has some antibiotic properties which will be very helpful against the bacterial sore throat.

These home remedies will help you against sore throat for a week. If your sore throat lasts longer than a week, do not forget to consult a doctor as they may become dangerous.

  1. Useful activities:

These are some activities which you can do at home to deal with sore throat.

  • Cough whenever you need. If you hold the cough, it will make hard to get rid of.there are certain methods for how to stop coughing.
  • Whenever you get time, take a hot shower. A hot shower will be very effective for you as the steam clear your sinuses, which is a reason of sore throat.
  • Always try to stay upright except the time of sleeping.there must be a proper way for how to fall asleep fast.Staying upright is important because eventually you will find that it will stop a lot of blockages.
  • Whenever you have time, take some rest. During rest, your body generates energy. Try to sleep more. Sleep will make your body stouter and help to fight sore throat more effectively.
  • Moisture also helps you to deal with sore throat. You can use a humidifier to increase the moisture of your room.
  • Avoid too sweet and cold foods. Cold foods will increase the chance of getting cold and sweet foods will annoy the throat.
  • Every day has a few spoonfuls of honey. It will make your throat clean and comfort your throat.
  • Don’t talk too much. Don’t ever scream. Try to give your throat rest.
  1. Helpful fluids to drink:

To deal with sore throat, you will have to know which fluids to drink and which fluids to avoid.these remedy is helpful to know how to treat a sore throat.what to do for sore throat-1

  • Drinking a lot of water is a very important rule. Drink as much as the water you can. Remember to drink warm water. Cold water, as well as dairy products will make your throat worse.
  • Avoid all kinds of cold soft drinks. It will make your throat more painful.
  • Hot drinks and soup are very useful in this situation. They will reduce the pain and give you liquids and nourishments. In this case, chicken soup is a perfect choice.
  • Lemon juice will help you to remove mucus. Every day drink a cup of lemon tea or herbal tea or green tea. You can add some honey in them.
  • Add some salt and a few drops of lemon juice in warm water and gargle with them 3-4 times a day. It will clear the excess mucus in your throat.
  • Drink hot apple and orange juice like you drink hot tea. You can add some honey to have better result.

The above mentioned methods are very useful to know what to do for a sore throat. By following them, you can cure your throat staying at home. You don’t need to go to the doctor.


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