Proper Ways For How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sores Fast

Proper Ways For How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sores Fast

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sores Fast

Cold sores are small sized and swelling like sores near the region of the mouth and face. They are also recognized as fever swellings. They have the sensation of burning or itching when they become burst. In general, cold sores are located in chins, cheeks, lips and inside the mouth. These cold sores are generally caused by herpes simplex. It is a type of virus. People sometimes think that canker sore and cold sores are same but it is a wrong idea. They are totally different. Cold sores generally do not show any indications until they are infected, though pain and rash can be detected as a sign of cold sore. Though cold sores usually go away within a week or how to get rid of a cold sores fastmore, as they are very painful people want to know how to get rid of a cold sores fast. Here are a few steps to know how to get rid of a cold sores fast.

  • Using ointment:

You can use a cold ointment to make your cold sore go away faster. For this, you will have to cover the sore all day for the purpose of shielding it from heat and sun. It will also cover the sore against various irritants. Ointments such as Carmex, Oragel etc. are especially designed for this purpose.

  • If you can’t find any ointment, then you can use petroleum jelly as an ointment.
  • For getting the highest output, apply this ointment often. It will always make the sore wet.
  • Using anti-viral cream:

As cold sores are very common, if you visit a doctor, then he will give you the required prescription. You can only see a doctor if you want medical attention. The doctor may prescribe you creams that have anti-viral property. These creams contain Acyclovir and Penciclovir which are very much beneficial to heal cold sore. It is very important to know home remedies for cold sores.

  • Whenever you sense that you are going to have cold sores, apply the cream immediately. This will help you to put a stop to the sore at the beginning stage.
  • You can apply the cream to the sores that are open too.
  • You can find these anti-viral elements in tablet too.
  • Try to choose the method that is not expensive.
  • Using natural remedy:

You can also treat the cold sores using natural remedies too. But the fact is that there are many natural remedies and the same remedy may not suite for several persons. So, if you wish to choice a natural remedy for treating your cold sore, then ensure yourself to know what remedy is suitable for you. It is very vital to know home remedies for cold sores.


  • You can use tree oil. Tree oil is powerful natural oil. Few drops of it may make your cold sore go away in a couple of days. Use it like the way you use an ointment.
  • In this case, ices are helpful. You can apply some ices too. You will just have to take a cube of ice and place it on the sore. Do this method few times a day.
  • People also say that real vanilla extracts are also helpful for cold sores.
  • Easing the pain:

how to get rid of a cold sores fast-1In some cases, cold sores can be extremely painful. They may also cause headache and other aches. You can relieve the pain by following the below steps:

  • You can use a cold or warm squash. Make a bag full of hot water and place it on your sore. You can also use ice bag. The hot or cold temperature will relieve your pain.
  • You can use anesthetic too. Ingredients like benzocaine, lidocaine can give pain relief temporary.
  • You can have pain killers too. But make sure that the pain killers are anti-inflammatory.
  • Keeping strong immune system:

If your immune system is weak, then cold sores try to occur. You might notice them if you are suffering from cold. It is very imperative to know how to get rid of a cold sores fast. You need to keep the immune system strong to get rid of them:

  • You will have to get sufficient amount of nutrients as well as vitamins. Make sure that you are having a balanced diet.
  • Always try to remain hydrated. Drink as much as the water you can.
  • Reducing stress:

Stress is another reason for cold sores. Make sure that you are not becoming stressed often. Otherwise you will have a superior possibility to have cold sores.

  • Try to get sufficient sleep. At least 7 hours of sleep is recommended for adults.
  • Face all your daily life problems with confidence. Don’t make them stress you.
  • Protecting the skin:

The heat of the sun may be harmful for somebody as some sensitive skins may react to it. It also increases the possibility of cold sores. So, if you are having cold sores often then follow the below rules:

  • Using sunscreen is an effective way to protect your skin. Use it all the time.
  • Females can use lipstick along with sunscreen too.
  • Avoiding certain foods:

Some foods are sensitive and increase the possibility of cold sores. If they are eating a lot, then cold sores may occur. You should avoid the following foods:

  • Foods that include acidic property such as tomatoes and some other citrus acidic fruits are needed to be avoided.
  • Avoid using excess salt in any food or foods that use excess salt like canned soups, fried cooking etc.
  • Washing the hands:

Unwashed hands are very much harmful. Touching the sores with dirty hands may lead to infection and various other severe cases.home remedies for cold sores

  • Always keep your hands washed.
  • Use warm water and soap.
  • Avoid spreading cold sores:

Cold sores are highly contagious and they easily spread from person to person. So, you should ensure that you are not doing such things that can spread it from person to person. For this, follow the below rules:

  • If you are attacked with a cold sore, then prevent yourself from kissing others, sharing cups, clothes etc.
  • Always keep your hands clean.

These are the rules to know how to get rid of a cold sores fast.

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