Necessary Steps Requires For How To Cure,Treat,Fight A Cold

Necessary Steps Requires For How To Cure,Treat,Fight A Cold

How To Cure,Treat,Fight A Cold

Every day many people get cold and suffering from various diseases those are caused by the cold. If this kind of diseases is not handled carefully it may cause a great harm on your body. If a human body is affected by the cold resistance of that body to fight with other diseases is getting down. And so that many viruses, bacteria and germs attack him easily. Once you are suffering from a cold this may lasting over 5-10 days depending what necessary steps you have taken against it. Pneumonia, sinusitis is the common disease that are born from cold and therefore, you should be more concern about that how to fight with a cold.How to treat a cold

  1. Avoid Dusty and Filthy Weather:

Dusty and filthy weather is a main reason to get affected by viral infection and turn the upper  respiratory infection. It is usually longer than 3-4 days. If you are already suffering  from  cold and you serious about how to fight a cold you should follow the steps are given below:

  • Use a mask when you go outside .
  • Keep avoiding the places that are smoky, dirty and filthy.
  • Wash your hand, faces properly with antiseptic after coming from outside.
  1. Take breathing the boiled water steam:

Hot boiled water steam is greatly useful to get relief from cold. If you breath the steam the filthy mucus of your forehead will be liquefy and swell out by your nose. It also helps you to destroy the germs and reduce the chance of sinusitis. The steps you may follow is given below.

  • Take a pot that used to make hot water and take water in it. Then put it on fire and boiled until it makes vapor.
  • You can also take salt-mixed water and it is more effective than normal water.
  • Keep your nose on the top of the pot from where the vapor is coming out and keep breathing randomly.
  • When you realize that the mucus are liquefying throw them out of your mouth.

Keep using this process if you are really aware of how to fight a cold.

  1. Take tea with ginger shake:

If you are getting into cold you may notice that your nose is getting stuffy and blocked up and you may feel pain in the forehead and behind the eyes. So before taking medicine you can use some remedy in your house that is taking tea with ginger shake.

  • First of all take a pot with clean water and make it hot.
  • Then take some tea leaf and boiled it for a while and then take it.
  • It will help to relieve you from forehead pain as tea contains caffeine. It is also good for health.
  1. Quit smoking and drinking:

Smoking and drinking too much are harmful to your health. It may weak your nerves of the upper respiratory systems. If you are really serious about how to fight a cold, you should do the task flows:

  • Smoking is highly prohibited if you are affected by cold.
  • Smoking reduces the immune percentage of your throat and you may be easily affected by germs.
  • Having too much cold drinks is also harming you. It reduces your body resistance. 
  1. Drink a lot of water:

How to cure a coldIt is said that “water is life”. So that water helps to get rescued from any kind of physically bad condition. There are many natural drinks such as:

  • Mineral water, that increase the ability of immune systems
  • Coconut water, is really fulfill with many vitamins and mineral.
  • Sugarcane is also helpful for your body.
  1. Take Doctor’s Advice:

If your condition dose not getting well in 3-4 days, you need to take your doctor’s prescription and tell him the details about your physical condition, restriction that means all about your body.

  • He may take diagnosis your mucus and find out is there viral or bacterial infection occurs.
  • If there is viral infection he may suggest you to take yourself far from the filthy and nasty weather for how to fight a cold.
  • And if there found any bacterial attack he may suggest you antibiotics for 3-5 days longer.
  • Keep in touch with your doctor regularly and measure your stress once in a month.
  1. Be Careful With Your Lifestyle:

The cold infection can be evaded by taking some awareness in our lifestyle. Cause if we shirked some limitation in our lifestyle we may not be worried about getting cold. You should maintain some restriction in your daily life. Here some examples are given to you.

  • Do not live or stay in dirty weather. Use to keep moist the environment around you.
  • It is highly prohibited to touch your nose and eyes after being contacted by somebody who is already suffering from cold.
  • It is a good habit to wash your hand after coming from outside.
  • Keep your living room dry and withered.
  • You need to control your food habit. Take foods those are in natural temperature , do not take ice-cream or other cold storage food so much. Keep a balance diet , good sleep, and regular exercise.
  • Do not take any kind of roadside food or drink. Because it may be harmful to your body and may contain any virus or bacteria that are dangerous to health.
  1. Be aware about your body restrictions:

Be careful about your immune system if you are really serious about how to fight a cold. Check these conditions that are given below:

  • Are you a patient of allergy?
  • Have you been suffering from severe pain in forehead?
  • Have you suffered from fever during the affection of cold?

If these are positive then you should know that your immune condition is very low and you should check your physical condition several times during a year.

  1. Do not get in rain for a long period:

It is harmful to get wet for a long time. You may affected by cold easily if you stand for a long time in such a condition.

  • Do not take a bath for a long time to shower , river or pond.
  • Keep yourself always dry.
  1. Keep yourself neat and clean:

Be sure that you always keep your body neat and clean.How to fight a cold

  • Keep washing hands and mouth after coming from outside.
  • If you have kept touch with any patient who is suffering from cold then you should get cleaned with antiseptics.
  • Take a bath regularly and wash your body once in a week with antiseptic lotion and clean your hand and feet properly after coming from outside that will help you in how to fight a cold.

So it is clear that getting cold is not a big disease. It is occurring due to our being careless about the physical condition or welfare of our body. So be a little bit serious about your body. Keep yourself fit always. Be neat and clean, control or remove yourself some kind of bad habit and enjoy a secure life. 



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