Lose Weight with the Help of MyFitnessPal

Lose Weight with the Help of MyFitnessPal

Lose a Descent Amount of Weight with the Help of MyFitnessPal.com Android App

Have you ever thought of an app which is always with you giving you instructions regarding health, calorie count and everything related to your health? For losing calories, you no longer need the assistance of a nutritionist or a gym instructor. Technology has developed in such a manner that you are given instructions regarding your fitness right from your cell phone itself. Yes, this is possible with MyFitnessPal.com, which is truly a pal which helps you to be aware of your health and guides you to make perfect moves which helps you in keeping yourself perfectly fit.

MyFitnessPal – Easing Your Fitness Endeavors

MyFitnessPal.com is a website which has a digital food diary where you can record your day to day food and can count the calories of each meal. This is the most convenient and easy way to record and track your calories without any fuss. You do not need any kind of instrument for calculating your calories while doing exercise or while eating any food. With the help of the internet, you can log on to this site with your login credentials and calculate calories without any difficulties.

MyFitnessPal.com is the easiest way to maintain your food diary. The website also contains a food database of over 2,552,000 items. You can also make a personal food database with your favorite foods and recipes which can be accessed any time anywhere, just with the help of the internet. With the help of this site, you can track the intake of your food and even have a good idea of the calorie loss while you do your exercise too. It contains even the details of the readymade food you get in packets or from a burger shop. Thus with the help of MyFitnessPal.com, you can make sure you remain fit and healthy.

MyFitnessPalThis one of the most popular and effective fitness website that helps you maintain your calorie levels. MyfitnessPal.com has also developed apps for various mobile devices like Android, iOS, blackberry and others. MyFitnessPal.com Android App is a very convenient app which is used by a large number of people to check their calories whenever they want. The one plus point with this mobile app is that you are able to go to the website directly without going to the net browser.

Some Stand-out Features

The MyFitnessPal.com android app is a very useful way to keep track of your food intake. With the help of an android phone, you can use MyFitnessPal.com Android App with ease. There are several tools which are included in the app. These tools are great help for any person who is focused in achieving weight loss goals. This app comes with a healthy diet plan and excellent exercise plans. It also sets realistic goals which one can achieve very easily. But this app is a total waste if we do not make these plans into action. Losing weight is only possible if we have the will to do what it tells us to do.

  • Goal-Setting

MyFitnessPal.com sets goals for a week. It also helps in calculating the calorie intake through food and calorie loss through exercise. It has got a list of diet plans with calorie content marked alongside. Whenever a person has plans of consuming a particular food, for example chicken, then he can check the calorie content of chicken whether steamed, grilled, deep-fried or barbecued.

  • Accurate Progress Reports

When a person is working out, he can count the calorie loss while doing a particular kind of exercise for a particular time limit. It counts calorie loss during various exercises like swimming, jogging, skiing, running, walking and even cooking. This app, as you can notice, can prove to be a really useful method to keep your calories under control. It has the information regarding even the smallest of movements which we usually never count at all. It is interesting to note that this app has the right information regarding calorie loss when you simply move around your house.


  • Food Diary

With MyFitnessPal.com, calculating your calorie status will become very easy with the help of its digital food diary. It can give you the knowledge as to how much calories you are allowed to consume in order to maintain a perfect body.

My Fitness PalInstalling the App

In order to get MyFitnessPal.com for your Android phone, just check out the App from the Android market or go to the webpage of MyFitnessPal and get the app by using the barcode scanner apps on the phone in order to scan the QR code given in the page. In this way you will be able to access the world’s best fitness app right away.

When you download the app, you will be asked to fill in your basic details like your gender, height, weight, your type of job(desk job or field job), whether you wish to maintain, lose or gain some weight. These details are necessary for this app as they help it project accurate goals for you and give correct reports. The application will launch only when you have entered these details.

Once the app launches, you will be able to see your daily calorie goal. You can also add every food item that you take and keep a track on your calorie. This way you can make sure that you do not exceed the calorie goal on any given day.

Selecting the Food from the Huge Database

The huge database of MyFitnessPal.com makes sure that you can enter most of the items you eat. While making an entry, you can either search the food item by its name or can search it by scanning the barcode given on the food item (if any). Just search the food item, select the correct serving size and the exact amount of calories would be deducted from your daily goal. Apart from entering food items you eat, you can also log your activities and the calorie count would be updated appropriately.

MyFitnessPal.com MyFitnessPal

When you are finished for a day, you have the option to finish logging for the day and this would give you a five week weight projection. This and many other features of this awesome app help in motivating you to achieve your weight goals effectively. Due to such advanced features, combined with the simple interface, the MyFitnessPal.com Android app has reasonably become the primary choice of everyone who wants to keep a check on their calorie intake.

Features That Set the App Apart:
  • Simple Interface

The interface of the MyFitnessPal.com Android app is really simple and user friendly. Unlike many other calorie counting apps whose interface confuses the user, the interface of this app is easy to understand for anyone.

  • Large Food Database

The app has a really large database of food items that enables you to enter any item you want.

  • Barcode Scanner

There are times when you do not know the exact name of the food you are eating. In such a case you can scan the barcode given on the packing of the food to find it in the app. This is an important feature which the developers of this app has given though to.

  • Exercise Profiles

Apart from giving you a diet plan, the app also has a large database of exercises to help keep you healthy.

Using MyFitnessPal.com makes you more conscious about the food you eat, the way you work out and the time you take to work out. You will be able to avoid unnecessary food automatically when you have the right instructor giving you the right advice. The calorie counter helps you in this procedure so well that you will be focused at losing the pounds you had set as goal.

This app is considered as the best calorie counter by most of its users. Getting a healthy and fit body is not too far when you have your android phone loaded with MyFitnessPal.com. See for yourself the magic of losing calories with its help and make life healthy with its digital food diary. With this app in your android phone, you would naturally avoid unhealthy eating habits, especially taking in the junk ones into your tummies or the soft drinks available at the store next to you. Thus this app can help you to eat the right kind of food. All you have to have is the right spirit to act according to the instructions of the app.

In this world of health conscious people, this app has gained a very great name, as it has helped many to lose their weight the healthy way. With a rating of 4.8, the app probably has more positive comments than any other app in the Android App market. This has happened only because of the efficiency of this app in helping people achieve their goals of maintaining, gaining or losing their weight.

Eat good food, work out well and enjoy life with the help of MyFitnessPal.com android app which will never let you down. Get this unique app to make your life more healthy and beautiful than ever before. Simple instructions can help you achieve great things in life.