How To Find Out Where Is Your Appendix Located At Which Part Of The Body

How To Find Out Where Is Your Appendix Located At Which Part Of The Body

where is your appendix

Where Is Your Appendix

Many of us are familiar with the name of the appendix. The appendix is a small finger sized organ in the human body. It is like a closed tube. It is situated between the large intestine and small intestine.  It works as a connecting tube between the large and small intestine and organic materials can go through it. It also includes secreting lining. If any part of the appendix gets blocked for any reason, then it begins to swell. The blockage may occur by the stack of organic materials. When this happens, the tissues that are located in appendix become expired as the blood stream can’t flow through the appendix. To get removed from the sufferer, it has to go through a surgery for eliminating the appendix. If is remains untreated, it may become more severe.  Surgeons do not yet know what the work of appendix in our body is. They did not discover anything that appendix does in our body. Moreover, removing them doesn’t have any impact on the body too. The inner part of the appendix is named by appendiceal lumen. Mainly, we get attacked by appendicitis from the appendix. The main cause for appendicitis is blockage in the appendiceal lumen. It causes bacteria to increase themselves in an unmanageable way. This swells the appendix and results in appendicitis. People of any age can get appendicitis. But it is more common in young adults. The symptoms of appendix are acute and sudden unbearable pain, the pain is felt near the tummy, this pain will be strange and uncommon for the sufferer, the pain becomes worse slowly but surely.This article will let you know about where is your appendix.

  • Inferior right quadrant of stomach:

The appendix is like a connecting tube. It is in the right lower part of the stomach. It would make easier to understand the location of appendix if you assume that your stomach is separated into four parts, and then the appendix would be in lower-right part.

  • Between large and small intestine:

where is your appendix-1Appendix works as a joint between the large intestine and small intestine. The appendix falls between ileum and cecum. Ilium is a tiny part of the small intestine which connects with the appendix. The cecum is located in the large intestine and it is like a small bag.  The large intestine meets the anus.

  • Distance from naval:

If you want to describe the location of appendix in another manner, then you can describe that it is located at two third spaces from your nautical to higher iliac spine. This point is known as the McBurney’s point. This is at the top of the body. So, physicians can find this location pretty easily.

  • In some other locations:

The location of the appendixmay differ from human to human as every human individual is only one of its kind. Some people can find the location of their appendix in the center of the body. Some may locate it on the right side of the body too.

For the treatment of appendicitis, it is very important to know where is your appendix. Moreover, every person also should be familiar with the locations of their appendix.

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