Hard Disks & Pen Drives Have Less Space ! Than What Is Promised By Them ! Here Is The Reason !

Hard Disks & Pen Drives Have Less Space ! Than What Is Promised By Them ! Here Is The Reason !

You may have always wondered that why the pen drives storage capacity is different to that of the promised space by the manufacturer? USB flash drive have two categories Pen drives and hard disks. They are also called USB drive and USB stick. It is a data storage device with an integrated USB interface which includes flash memory. These types of memory drives are now a part of our life just like smartphones. So we tell you why there is less space always than stated to end your curiosity.


For example, let us take a 8 GB pen drive and after plugging it to your computer, you can see that only 7.46 GB space is available.



Then where is the rest of 0.54 GB ? Scratching your head and cursing the manufacturer? Well, there is a trick used by the manufacturer here. Let me  explain it clearly.

A simple of math involved in this. Generally, every one of us knows that computers work using number 2 as the base. According to this the memory management will be :

1 KiloByte (KB) = 1024 Bytes

1 Mega Byte (MB) = 1024 Kilo Bytes (KB)

1 Giga Byte (GB) = 1024 Mega Bytes (MB)

8 GB = 1024 * 8 = 8192 MB

But pen drive and hard disks manufacturers consider it as base 10. i.e

1 KiloByte (KB) = 1000 Bytes

1 Mega Byte (MB) = 1000 Kilo Bytes (KB)

1 Giga Byte (GB) = 1000 Mega Bytes (MB)

8 GB = 1000 * 8 = 8000 MB ( approximately equal to 7.81 GB)

and the rest of the memory (approximately 0.35GB ) is reserved for data sector and system files for better performance.

As the device memory capacity increases, we lose more amount of space. The table below shows some shocking figures.


In fact, manufacturers do mention this on the box of hard disks and pen drives. Take a close look at your hard disk boxes.