You Can Stop Time ! This 50-year-Old Chinese Model Proves That !
March 7, 2016

She is an actress in Hong Kong and won a beauty contest in the 90s'. And she is really 50 year old, an information you will find if you google her name in Chinese. Most of the photos in the post were taken earlier this year for the purpose of publication of a book by…

Be Careful ! E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Pant Pocket ! CCTV Footage !
March 4, 2016

E-Cigarettes were made too help the smoker of no tobacco smoke. It satisfies the smokers need of a puff without harming him because there is no tobacco in these cigarettes. A CCTV clip is uploaded on net for people to be aware of other problem they can have from electronic devices, even from E-cigarettes. A…