Hottest Female Anchors Of IPL ! Now You Will Watch IPL Right Away !
April 18, 2016

IPL was started in 2008 by Lalit Modi, ex-member of BCCI. IPL is popularly known as Indian Premier League is the most loved cricket tournament across the world. These type of new format in cricket matches are glamorous with bollywood celebrities, fan followers, cheerleaders and very hot female anchors. Meet the famous female anchors of IPL. (more…)

What Different Types Of Number Plates In India ! Stand For !
April 17, 2016

While travelling on road you might have seen many vehicles with different license number plates and wonder about the reason behind it. But do you know why certain types of vehicles follow a similar colour-text code for the number plate and the others follow a different one ?  (more…)

Lady Sub Inspector ! Beats Husband In School ! With Her Police Belt !
April 15, 2016

In this video you will see a lady Sub Inspector has her police belt in her hands and she is in front of her husband. One by one she hits her husband with the belt. It all hapened in a Government School in Faridabad. Sub inspector's name is Sunita  and here husbannd is Hitender ,…