6 Things Every Girl Does After a Breakup

6 Things Every Girl Does After a Breakup

As much as we’d like to deny it, all girls turn completely into their rom-com counterparts after they go through a break up. Listening to emotional music, looking pensively into the distance and going full on feminist are some of the many things you’ll find her doing if you check up on her after she’s gotten out of a relationship. We see it in the movies, and we naturally assume that there is some sort of deranged logic to it. If it helps them in the movies, it should help her too, right? All of them have been tried and tested by various women after various terrible breakups.

These are all coping mechanisms. They’re how she’s dealing with the loss of someone who she cares (cared?) about. She knows that everyone is probably talking about her and all the details about her love life – and she doesn’t want anything more than to hide away from all the gossip. The easiest way to cope, is to do her own thing for a while. This happens in phases. In all likelihood, she goes from being sad, to being mad and finally doing something about it.


The things she does after a breakup are all part of the “recovery” process post-heartbreak. Don’t question it, and don’t even THINK about calling her crazy or erratic unless you want some trouble.

She’s not being unhealthy, she’s distracting herself. She’s not being asocial, she’s staying away from all the negative energy. She’s not overworking herself, she’s channelling her feelings into something that will make her feel more productive and useful. Anyone who has been through a break up will be able to confirm all of this. The mourning process, though individually personalized, largely follows the same steps and procedures for all of us – males and females, alike. On that note, here are a few things all girls do to complete the entire process, and it’s certifiably fool proof:

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